Lower than expected financial performance, global competition, shrinking market
    share and advances in technologies have driven businesses to look for ways to
    improve operational efficiencies.  Companies who tried mere downsizing,  
    reorganizing or applying new technologies have not achieved expected
    improvement in business performance. Corporations large and small alike have
    realized that to complete effectively in today's true global market, one has to be a
    global player. Companies in the United States have shown considerable interest in
    understanding the Indian  market and capabilities.

    Recognizing that, while continuing our business improvement / development
    services, Visthar has shifted focus to working as consultants and representatives
    for US and Indian companies, interested in, or having opportunities to participate in
    the growing level of commercial activity between the US and India.

This is in large part due to the following factors:

  • India has emerged as a global player in the engineering /  manufacturing
    space. Many US companies, have huge opportunities to capitalize on; i.e.
    India as a market for U.S. products and as a source for parts, components,
    sub-assemblies and full-scale manufacturing , even in specialized areas of

  • US companies, especially small and medium size firms, are still unfamiliar with
    Indian environment and do not know how to navigate the unfamiliar waters

  • Visthar partners have worked in the US, for American companies, for a
    combined 55+ years and understand U.S. business models and clients’
    expectations well and also understand Indian companies and their way of
    working, and have an extensive network of contacts in India

  • Visthar provides a unique niche of services and expertise to the  core
    industries within manufacturing in the United States.
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