Business Process Improvement
    We define 'business process' as a set of activities, to produce a defined
    business result. It has discrete beginning and ending. It may be within a
    function or an organization or it may cross multiple functions or organizations.
    It is important to understand that these activities are executed in order to
    achieve the overall strategies and goals of the enterprise.

    Business Process improvement is the core of any performance improvement
    initiative. Visthar’s approach uses a comprehensive methodology that
    encompasses a holistic view of the business process and its related data,
    technologies and organizations.   

    A typical ‘Business Process Improvement’ project will comprise of the

  • Review and document current process(es) and workflows

  • Assess the current support environment as to current process
    effectiveness and efficiency

  • Compare it with best practices within appropriate industries

  • Check alignment with enterprise’s current and future business strategy

  • Identify and document the gaps in processes and practices

  • Create a base future state process model.
  • identify and document processing requirements
  • identify and document data/information requirement
  • identify and document metrics and measurement requirements
  • identify technology requirements and options, including software
  • develop process model with workflows and other appropriate

  • Develop a high-level business case showing costs and benefits

  • Develop a high-level migration strategy to new processes

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Visthar provides consulting to
    companies considering to outsource their business processes to an onshore or
    offshore service provider. Visthar's BPO consulting services include, developing
    ‘Outsourcing Strategy’, aligning ‘Service Provider Strategy’, developing
    ‘Outsourcing Roadmap and Blueprint’, and managing the ‘Transformation’ to the
    new operating environment.