International Business Development
    Visthar provides consulting and implementation help to our clients in ‘International
    Business Development’, by connecting companies for alliances, partnerships and
    joint ventures to expand into foreign markets; and to Identify and pursue
    opportunities to promote their products and services in international markets

    The scope of International Business Development Services provided by Visthar

  • Establish contact with Partner’s potential or current customers

  • Initiate dialog between the partner and potential customers towards the
    objective of developing new or additional business for the Partner

  • Market Partner’s capabilities and credibility

  • Understand potential customer's business drivers, issues, constraints and
    concerns and educate them on how to address such issues. Examples
    include: Intellectual Property issues, Quality issues, Division of
    Roles/Responsibilities, Non-compete in other geographic markets

  • Establish relationships with key executives at the Partner’s organization and
    its customers

  • Participate in visits between Partner’s and its potential customers to review
    each others operations and facilities

  • Provide Contract creation/management help

  • Assist and support Partner, in Trade Shows / Exhibitions

  • Provide local support to customers’ concerns and issues