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    Visthar's partner Kaynes Technology was formed in 1988, and continues to  deliver high
    quality Electronic Manufacturing Solutions to a range of clients. Over the last 4 years, the
    company has experienced consistent growth at a compounded rate greater than 80%.

    Kaynes' products and services include:
  •  Electronic, Mechanical and Software Design Services
  •  Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Development and Assembly
    - Rapid and Customized Prototyping
    - Test Process and Test Protocol Development
    - In-circuit and Functional Testing
  •  Higher Level Assembly including Final-System Box Build
  •  Design Validation and Final Product Testing
  •  Materials sourcing of full range of Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Components
  •  Value Engineering and other Engineering Support Services

    Industries currently served:
  •  Telecom & Signaling
  •  Industrial Controls
  •  Motion Control Products
  •  Medical Electronics
  •  Power and Energy
  •  IT Hardware
  •  Automotive
  •  Aerospace

    Kaynes’ current customers within the above verticals span the North American and
    European continents and include large India-based multinationals. Kaynes’ unique value
    proposition is its ability to fulfill customers’ demands for value-added, mission-critical
    components in the high product mix, low- to mid-volume range of products – while reducing
    cost and enhancing flexibility for the customer.

    Why Companies look to Kaynes:
  •  Expand manufacturing capacity and increase market share
  •  Transfer low-mid volume, non core manufacturing to focus on core areas
  •  Achieve significant cost savings
  •   Increase flexibility in Design, Engineering and Manufacturing
  •  Open new markets in India and South East Asia

    Kaynes is an ISO 9001/14001/18001 certified company that has implemented Best
    Manufacturing Practices supported by processes such as 5S, SQC and SPC, Kaizen,
    TOC, and the latest tools of QC and Six Sigma. Kaynes has an exclusive manufacturing
    line that meets RoHS compliance requirements; and not just “Lead free” manufacturing of
    PCBs. The company has developed expertise to supply RoHS compliant mechanical parts,
    finishes, transformers, cable sets, bare boards, heat sink parts, consumables and also
    “Green Dot packaging and labeling of products.