Pradeep Nedungadi
    Partner, Visthar LLC

    Pradeep Nedungadi has over fifteen years consulting experience in areas including strategy
    formulation and implementation, project/program management, implementation of quality
    processes, problem-solving and decision-making, business process improvement and
    marketing strategy creation and deployment.
    The application areas span several industries including Automotive, Healthcare/Diagnostic
    Products, Financial Services, Hospitality, and Home Improvement/Retail.

    Prior to co-founding Visthar LLC, he was a consultant with Kepner-Tregoe, an international
    management consulting firm. Pradeep’s consulting experience includes working with a
    number of medium and large multinational companies located in the U.S. and overseas ---
    including Australia, Canada, Mexico and India, and in various S.E. Asian countries. He has
    advised manufacturing and service industry clients on domestic and international business
    development and marketing strategies and assisted in large organizational change

    On Business Process Improvement projects Mr. Nedungadi’s practical application and
    expertise focuses on working with clients to institute change within their organizations, Mr.
    Nedungadi has led project teams and consulted with multinationals such as Daimler-
    Chrysler, Lockheed Martin Space Operations, BHP Steel, Stanley Works, Dade Behring,
    Principal Financial Group and Northwestern
    Mutual Financial Services Company.

    Visthar’s international division helps U.S. companies identify, define and develop business
    opportunities within India and S.E. Asia. Pradeep’s experience in strategy consulting,
    process improvement and project management within the U.S combined with his intricate
    knowledge of the Indian marketplace and business environment enables him to help clients
    structure and implement entry or growth strategies tailored to the Indian market. His
    extensive network of government and private industry contacts within the region prove an
    invaluable resource to his clients.

    Mr. Nedungadi has presented at ASQ conferences and clients’ internal conferences. He
    holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Economics and a B.S. degree in Hospitality
    Industry Management.